Three critical things to know before promoting future leaders

Cultivating great leaders takes resources and time. If your organization is not willing to commit to the investment of developing current and future leaders well, good luck!

Did you know that only 10% of midlevel leaders feel they are well-equipped to take on the challenges of their roles?

The wellbeing and prosperity of an organization (any size) depends on tracking talent and future leaders. It's not enough to have people manage teams, departments, or change. It takes leadership to help navigate change, lead people effectively, inspire, and foster innovation.

If you're planning on promoting an individual who has exceptional skills and does their job well does not necessarily make them a good leader. Be prepared to take the steps to ensure the candidate has the right stuff!

Here are three must do's

  1. Make sure the company has a plan to assess potential leaders.
  2. Collaborate with HR to prepare an assessment of the employee's skill sets. Make sure it includes communication, people skill, and leadership. You want to be certain the candidate has the ability to articulate well, lead and inspire people.
  3. Take the time to look over past and current performance reviews. Is there a pattern? Is there consistent written dialog about specific areas the employee needs to improve? if so, what were the steps taken to improve and how were they tracked?

Companies need to be well equipped to nurture great leaders. At Epiphany Coaching we have the models, assessments, and personal training to help organizations of all sizes to develop great leaders. Call us today and ask about our leadership development programs.

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